Background Help Needed Please?

Hi, would anyone be able to edit the windows out of this background so that they’re just blank walls instead? My story takes place in an underground bunker so it doesn’t make sense to have windows in the dining hall. I tried to do it myself but it just looks sloppy :see_no_evil:

Credit will be given whenever it’s used!

I can it

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Do you have background you want in the window. because just dirt seem a bit weird. maybe a hall or something

Yeah, a hallway would be great, thanks! That actually would fit perfectly in the story.

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Thank you!!

do You have any spicific in mind

Maybe either one of these but without the business name please?


image image

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Wow! This is perfect! Thank you so much!

How should I credit you?

Just my profil name. thanks

also for to remove something aorund the winownd have fixed it

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Got it! Thank you again!