Background help needed



Hey, guys!

I need a little help.

Does anybody have a hall \ room background with open | close door overlay?


Do u have any background with the door open? I can try to make the door overlay.


I wanna ask that as well
Do you have the background of the hall that you are gonna use…


No, I don’t have any background (((


No, I don’t :frowning:


here where you can find it


If you find any background that you think is suitable…
And want help to edit it please let me know PM me over here if you need help…


I guess I have seen one in episode art catalog with a closed and open door but its for an apartment I guess…


Do you want me to help you find a background??


If you’ll find any)) a door with apartment is also fine :slight_smile:


Episode has something like this-


And unfortunately I only find this…


How is it called?

Can edit this somehow different :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Its called-

What do you want to edit in it??


Can you please change the open door into open one. :sweat_smile:
And change someone in the open door like that pink picture into anything else :thinking::sweat_smile:


Isn’t the door already open so what do want to open…
And what picture do you want over there…
Do you have a preference or I will just add a scenery or something…


Do you mean change the open door into an open door overlay or something…


Oh, I meant the close door and overlay of the open one :hugs: :disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile:


Overlay of this door over here right


But there isn’t a closed door over here so how can I make this but if you are very good at the roatating overlay stuff then you can just have a open door one