Background Help Needed!

I need some help with a background- I need a background for my new writing prompts i’ll be posting. It needs to be a background(anything aesthetic and simple) and I want to put a little person with an umbrella in the corner of the photo(kind of like mary poppins style) and above that it says, “flyhighwrites”. I know it sounds confusing, but if your able to make this please please please reply to this! Thank you so much and have an amazingly fantastic rest of your day! :blush:


Would you like the character to be in pitch black, or an episode character?

If you would like an episode character, send me the details of the character including the clothing!!!

I’ll do it right away!!!

No character! Just an aesthetic background, just the small mary poppins thing in the corner with the name above it! :grin:

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Will do! How large the background will be?

Any size is fine for me!

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Here you go!!!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help!