Background help please?


does anyone have Victorian backgrounds?
like bedrooms
living rooms
dinning area
and kitchen

if u do would u mine if u share please
it needs to be sized right and png to work so I can upload it please

thank yall so much im sorry im asking alot


Episode diamonds would love to help


@aprill think you can do it


thank u and theres no arrow


Lol sorry she wrote that because someone didn’t know how to see our examples. You have to click the link.


oh ok thank u


I have some. Do you need Victorian style or Victorian era?


both I guess
I need them for a old town


Sorry, I phrased that question weird. Does your story take place today or in the past?


good question
I guess today just old and anquie


Okay I gotcha, give me a minute and I’ll get some stuff together.


thank u I hope its not to much trouble


Okay, I got them, and I have a lot… They should be pngs and the correct size. Let me know if one of them needs fixing, or if you need more.

A whole lotta backgrounds


theses are perfect but it says when I try to download them not correct size?


When you download them onto your computer or when you try and upload it to episode? I just tested uploading one of them to episode and it worked, so they all are the correct size; maybe it has something to do with your computer?


That’s weird I’ll try again


It worked on my phone
Thanks again


No problem! Let me know if you ever need anything else. :grin:


thank u!!!