Background help (Pls post backgrounds/overlays you'd like to share)



Hi pls I’m looking for backgrounds esp showers. Thanks


I can do it! Or ask @GiGi_is_Me @JenniferH or @granolias might be able to do it. If not, I’ll do it.


Thanks I’d relly appreciate it if you could help me out:relaxed::relaxed::relieved::smile:


Hiii!!! I am also looking for shower backgrounds… where do you supposed i look? where do ppl get theirs in their story?? i already goggled it and couldn’t find any good ones :frowning:


@ChayChay finds good backgrounds.


You can check v.d. backgrounds!! Her backgrounds are lit!!


Here is a shower background hope it works if you haven’t found any!


Here are some more!


And this image you could use if you wanted to show only his/her upper head and all. Idk if you needed these I had these images so I just shared them with you!


@LoraWrites here are some backgrounds for you if you want to use them


Ahhhhh, these are GREATTTTT!!! THANKS A LOT!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Woww… Her backgrounds ARE AMAZZZINGGG!!! Thanks SOO much for the link!! <3


No problem!! Anytime :heart:


Do you know how I will credit her if I use her background?


Do you know how to give credit to her if I use her background?


You say this background was made by the person that made it


Hi, I must have made some confusion. As I am new here, I don’t know the owner of the link JMO posted, @vd_backgrounds Linktree. Should I just mention the link in the Readers message of my story for the credits? Coz I usually see names, Instagram and the story in the credits.


Yes exactly