Background Help! URGENT!

So I have an issue,

Disclaimer, if you’re background comes from a 3rd party source please let me know to avoid copyright issues.

I’m writing a story that takes place in South Korea. The only backgrounds Episode provides that are based in Asia (that are remotely close to what I’m looking for) are Japan and China.
I’m having issues finding backgrounds that illustrate Korean culture, geographical points, and language. Any background I find and upload are never Approved.

So I ask that if you guys find any Korean based backgrounds such as;

  • Korean City Streets

  • Korean Schools (Classroom, hallway, and outside view setting)

  • Korean Restaurants

  • Korean housing (Apartments and houses)

  • Any form of Public place (Club, Grocery store, mall, etc.)

Could you share them? :sweat:

Also, you can create backgrounds or edit pre-existing backgrounds by changing store signs to Korean etc. Those would work too.


I’ve spent so much time looking myself and waiting for background approval. I feel like I’m out of options!
I really hope Episode addresses this issue. Asian culture isn’t just exclusive to Japanese and Chinese culture.

This would be SUCH A BIG HELP. I’ll credit you when your background is used.

I’m still accepting backgrounds! I need as much as possible. Sis is making a big story.

Thank you so so so much :heartpulse:

If you need details on the story I’m writing so you can find corresponding backgrounds here’s some information;

  • Story takes place in Seoul, South Korea. The capital.
  • Main character lives in a small apartment in the city. (He is poor)
  • Story is very heavy in fashion and art
  • It has a very grungy and dark aesthetic

A teen Dante Young has been bullied for his looks all his life… Until one day when he literally wakes up as a new person. LITERALLY.

I hope that helped!

Thanks again!!


do you need them to be episode or like real life


Episode. I’m writing a story that takes place in South Korea.

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Your going to have to resize these but I found a few (remember to credit @EpisodeStudio) :

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Also, reach out on one of @EpisodeStudio’s threads if you need us to edit any more backgrounds!


Thank you so so much!
You have no idea how big of a help this was.

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Glad I could help

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Just thought I’d mention this to you, did you know @EpisodeStudio can get into copyright issues by asking for credit of images that don’t legally belong to you?

Those images are from online as I have many of them too so I know they are also copyrighted to the original creators.


But she can credit us for finding them for her right?


Oh sorry. Then don’t credit us. We weren’t claiming the images as ours, we were asking for credit for helping you find the images


That’s fine as far as I’m aware, as long as it’s made clear you aren’t the original creators of the images.


Okay. I won’t credit you as the ones who created the images. I’ll just credit you for finding the backgrounds.

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Yeah like say: Credit to @EpisodeStudio for assisting me in searching for the backgrounds (or something like that)


Just didn’t want you to get into trouble, that’s all :slight_smile:


Thank you for looking out for us. We appreciate it