Background help URGENT!

Hi guys! I’m in need of a background asap! Here’s the description:

Describing backgrounds

The background I need is a far view of a city. However it’s not a modern city, but a city from a long time ago where kings and queens ruled. The city should associate with its’ name “Springhaven”

For this background I want it to be the Lord Mansion in Springhaven. Please give the outside of the Mansion, the staircases, living rooms and a bedroom. The rooms should be fancy since it is in a mansion

  • Organized list of Backgrounds needed:**

  • Springhaven far view city

  • Outside of Lord Mansion in Springhaven

  • Staircase in Lord Mansion

  • Livingrooms in Lord Manision

  • Bedroom in Lord Mansion

I know that this is a lot, but it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance :heartbeat:

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@teahwalker @madisonw


Why did you tag them?

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They might be able to help

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ohhhhhh thanks!

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