Background help



Hey everybody! I don’t really know how this works so I guess I just ask my question. So I noticed that a lot of people use each others background and overlays on episode. Is there like a way I can use other peoples background and give them credit?


Most people will put how to credit them and where. A default would be to credit their Instagram at the beginning or end of the chapter the background/overlay is used in, or credit with a readerMessage when the background/overlay is used.


Thanks! And do you know some people that have a variety of backgrounds and overlays?


Here is a thread that lists a bunch. :slightly_smiling_face:




What if you don’t have instagram?


You are still able to view their profile in a web browswer and click on their links to see their backgrounds/overlays


Ok. Thank you


Closing as the original question seems to have been answered :slight_smile: