Background help 🥺

hi! can anyone please make a night version of this?

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is this okay?
If u need it bigger just let me know

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yes, it needs to be bigger for episode

Any bigger?

Actually let me fix sum real quick


Here it is

it still says it’s too small :woman_shrugging:t3:

how big do u want it?
1 zone?
2 zone?
3 zone?

1 zone is enough for me

is this better?

still small, I’ll try another background, but ty anyways :heart:

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Hey girl!
It’s the right size I already check…
Tell me if you want it changed or something.

Do you mind if I use it?
I’ll credit you

@elena.epi where did you get this bg?

What do think now… It’s of 640× 1136
But where did you find it…? @elena.epi

I’ve seen this on Pinterest

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yeah, that’s where I found it and the day version was approved

hey, thxs, i found it on pinterest

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no need for credits girl! thxs so much!

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Is it free to use?