BACKGROUND: Ice Skating Rinks



First of all, I hope I’m in the right category and it’s n"ice" of you to stop by this thread :cold_face: :facepunch:

Looking through the art catalog, I saw that there are no ice skating backgrounds (and I have a story about Ice Skating) so I would very much appreciate it if they added in ice skating rink backgrounds ^^

Yes, I know we can upload our own ice skating backgrounds or ice overlays, however I would love to see Episode make some and release it for us to use : )

I know they announced they’re working on backgrounds, but this would seriously be an amazing update if they added ice rinks in ^^

Come on Episode, get into the winter spirit! :snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: :snowman: :ice_skate:

Image from Pixabay

I will celebrate by going skiing for the first time if ice backgrounds are introduced…kidding, I probably won’t :rofl:

Anyways, thanks if you do support and I hope I didn’t create any duplicates lol

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Ice skating is amazing. It would be nice to see skating animations too :blush:


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This update would mean the world to me and I hope it does happen. Srsly, THIS POST MEANS A LOT TO ME, YOU HAVE NO IDEA :sweat_smile:




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Sigh, if this update ends up happening, I would be in so much joy XD

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@JemU776 you’re one of my best friends here, so when I finish all the voted backgrounds, I’ll try to make an ice skating rink one.


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