BACKGROUND: Inside van background

I am looking for a Van interior. Ive checked so many places and can’t find anything suitable.

Does anyone have a inside van or anything that could pass for this? (happy for it to be a surveillance van…

thank you!!


Hi! Are you asking people in the community to share a background with you or do you intend this post to be a suggestion to Episode that they create this background? From what you’ve written it seems like the former but you’ve formatted this as a feature request so just double checking! :slight_smile:

By the way she wrote it, I think this was a request towards the community! :slight_smile:

One of these should work for you.

or this

these are amazing thank you so much!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Your welcome

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Hope the backgrounds work for wallpapers

Asking… sorry have I done it wrong?

It was just that you formatted the title the same way feature requests are written, that’s what confused me :slight_smile:

Have the backgrounds worked?

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Yes thanks so much… I’ve tagged you in the episode xx