Background is freezing

hi all i thought it was the spot directing that my characters wouldn’t move but its not the background is froze and wont move on to the next sence how can I fix this please

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Can you copy-paste here the troubling code?

I can past the script at the end it won’t move on to the rest of the scene

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@speechbubble is 129 395 to 100% with tail_bottom_right
Thats my time to go see ya.

@SUMMER walks to spot 0.641 395 212 in zone 1 in 1
@SUMMER moves to layer 3

@MATT walks to spot 0.758 -74 151 in zone 1 AND LUELLA walks to spot 0.578 -36 201 in zone 1
@MATT exits left AND LUELLA exits left

@XTRA9 walks to spot 0.398 439 371 in zone 1 AND XTRA8 walks to spot 0.362 -13 372 in zone 1
@XTRA9 exits right AND XTRA8 exits left

@XTRA6 walks to spot 0.371 352 349 in zone 1 AND XTRA5 walks to spot 0.371 352 349 in zone 1
@XTRA5 exits right AND XTRA5 exits right

@transition fade out black 5
@transition fade in black 5

Right after the names exit it just stops i’ve even tried usinging diffent backgroungs after it still just froze

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I’m not sure if this is the problem because I don’t use the exits code. But you’ve used XTRA5 exits right twice!

okay, I think may be I get it…
First u have Used xtra5 exit twice… And u also have used transition command wrong…

It should be @transition fade in black in 5
@transition fade out in black in 5

If u r making it fade in black i.e. default so u dont need to write color for that…
You can also use @transition fade out in 5
@transition fade in in 5

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Oh my god thank you thank you sooo much I’ve been trying to sort that out for hours thank you both for all your help thank you x

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No problem… I m glad it worked :blush::heartbeat:

The issue that caused the background to freeze is using the exit on the same character twice, the transition command in the script is correct. It can actually be written with or without the word ‘in’.

@transition fade in black 5
@transition fade in black in 5

@transition fade in 5
@transition fade in in 5

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