Background is mine?

So I created this background from 2 backgrounds created by episode. does this mean that it’s mine background or is it still episode’s ( I still need to resize it)

Just wondering because I don’t know if I need to credit this or something

Yes, that will count as yours

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you’re welcome :smiley:

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Unfortunately not. It still belongs to Episode. You can check in their FAQ.

“We also own all the animations and art provided by the Episode platform.”
Similarly, if you took a picture from google and merged it with another, you wouldn’t have licensing of it and it wouldn’t belong to you.

yes but that’s not what I mean it’s more like : do I have to credit someone if I made it myself but get inpiration from other people’s creations you know?

Well no you wouldn’t have to credit anyone if you got the background from episode.

If you want someone to credit you, I guess you could ask for credit… :woman_shrugging:

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ok, if you made a split background using episode backgrounds, then don’t need to credit them. Its your background that you created using theirs. It isnt a problem with that.

You CAN still inspiration from others, yeah.

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