Background LL characters needed

Couple 1 - [Full!]
@S_Gracie ~ Viola
(Partner is another character in my story.)

Couple 2 - [Full!]
@Ayu ~ Kai and Yuna

Bg Males - [Still Needed!]
As many as possible please!
@Ayu ~ Haru

Bg kids-

Bg Elders-

Bg Nurses/Doctors-

Nurses- [Characters still needed!]
@Ayu ~ Ayame

Doctors - [Still Needed!]
@Ayu ~ Kai
And if I could have a few males to kill off(because of a big explosion that would help because I only have woman dying so far…]

Also credit?


Couple 1 spot

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Hello! Thanks for you’re character does she has a gf/bf?

No credit needed. And It doesn’t matter. Whatever floats your boat

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Couple 2, Doctor, & Nurse

You choose:


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No credit needed :wink:

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my drive with all background characters! x

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Gonna add some later if you still need!

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Ok. Thanks!

Thank you.

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Hey, I was wondering what is her nationality?

Italian? If thats what you mean? Also you spelt her name weong above, its Viola not Viora

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Sorry! I fixed it. I miss typed it.

Its all good :wink: If you are wondering what Viola means, it means Violet in Italian

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Also, what last name should she have?

If you don’t have one, which of these do you like best?

Miller is my last name so I had to go with it. :grinning:

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Ok! Thanks!

Ofc :slight_smile:

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