BACKGROUND: London Skyline


My stories are often set in London or England somewhere, so it would be great to get a skyline background for that! Or even just some tourist spots around London! A red phone box or a scene with a bus in the background? We have a lot of UK readers, so I hope someone would agree!


I agree but I think it can be a lot easier as you can get some skyline photos from the internet and turn it into a background. But it depends if you want it more 3D animated.


Yeah, I am a little pedantic about keeping the animations all the same!




I’m bumping this because I feel a little left out of the skyline club as a Brit :frowning:


You can just upload a picture…

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It wouldn’t be in the same style and so it would be super unrealistic to have INK/Limelight characters with realistic pictures! I’ve never been a fan of adding that into my story, personally.


What I do is look. Look up “_______ 3D”
When it’s 3D it looks animation and it usually fits well with the characters.


That’s actually a great idea! Thank you!