BACKGROUND: London Skyline


My stories are often set in London or England somewhere, so it would be great to get a skyline background for that! Or even just some tourist spots around London! A red phone box or a scene with a bus in the background? We have a lot of UK readers, so I hope someone would agree!


I agree but I think it can be a lot easier as you can get some skyline photos from the internet and turn it into a background. But it depends if you want it more 3D animated.


Yeah, I am a little pedantic about keeping the animations all the same!




I’m bumping this because I feel a little left out of the skyline club as a Brit :frowning:


You can just upload a picture…

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It wouldn’t be in the same style and so it would be super unrealistic to have INK/Limelight characters with realistic pictures! I’ve never been a fan of adding that into my story, personally.


What I do is look. Look up “_______ 3D”
When it’s 3D it looks animation and it usually fits well with the characters.


Support! Loads of other countries have super cool art representations in Episode.

I’m actually surprised they haven’t added anything English or British yet. They don’t even have a Union Jack Emoji :face_with_monocle:


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