Background Maker

Hey guys, if you need help making backgrounds, I’d be happy to try to help! Just request below! :blush: EDIT: GUYS I AM SO SORRY! I LOST MY MOTIVATION FOR EPISODE AND TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS THREAD!


I need a 20-year old (gay) male’s bedroom.

can you be more specific?

He is a single man, just graduated from college, lives in an apartment, and is a male.

So, a male apartment room. There can be a pide flag or something, but just a basic room, really.

Are either of these good?

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AH! Yes, I love them.

Do you have an Instagram I can credit you on, or do you just want credit on the forums?

You can just credit the forums if you want!

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Make sure to tell me when you’ve uploaded your story – I’d love to read it!!!

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For sure. Thank you again!

A music awards stage and a red carpet or something? Please?

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Do these work?

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Hey, would you be able to create a summery beach or pool, or anything summery, background for me. It will be used in a scene I’m drawing for a comp I’m entered in so I will credit you, if I forget your tag I will state that the background is not my own x

I’m almost done :smile:

Here are​ a few beachy ones:

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Here’s some pool ones:
pool%202 pool

I like the red carpet one but for the stage maybe if it was like in this angle and maybe with some reds and golds if that’s okay.

Thank you x

How about any of these?

Hey I need a room that has dark brick walls and a black floor

hello! if possible could you make me a background of prison yard? :slight_smile: