Background makers - any advice for making my own?

I’ve been wanting to make my own backgrounds for a while! How do you guys do it? Draw from scratch and create the whole background? Draw your own overlays and put them over pictures? How do you guys do things? I don’t even know where to start… I made one background on my own, drawing from scratch. But honestly… I’m still kind of new to drawing, so some things are easier for me to draw than others.

I just really want to create my own backgrounds, because then I’ll have unlimited possibilities~ I’ll definitely put them up on a drive or something when I have the chance and after I really get started with making them.

I just get so inspired when I look at the backgrounds that others have made. Some honestly look like you could get them straight off of the Episode art catalog, like the artists for Episode made them. I also hate it when I really want a certain background but I can’t find what I want anywhere. Sigh. But… that also gave me an idea - just work on my own backgrounds if I can’t find any that meet the things that I want!


Look at this post by @amepisode on Instagram where she talks about making backgrounds. That helps a lot! :blush::blush:


What post is it? Can you link it to me? :smiley: I can’t find the post. I appreciate it!

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Yeah let me look.



Hi! I’m actually a background creator myself. I have an instagram acc: @canvas_creativity
I actually render my backgrounds so any 3d rendering software will do :slight_smile: