BACKGROUND: Medieval Kingdoms and Buildings

Hey guys,

I’m currently writing a story set in the Medieval ages (or similar to that) and I’ve noticed that there’s not enough backgrounds for castles that allow for variation. I might use one or two of the backgrounds as an establishing shot for one kingdom but when I want to introduce a new kingdom, I don’t want it to be the same as the other one as it will confuse readers with the identical shots.



There are establishing shots like these but only one has a night version and overall, there’s only two of them.

Also, there’s not enough backgrounds of medieval streets or buildings such as taverns or peasant houses etc which would be so helpful for medieval stories and it would allow for more complicated storylines and interesting scenes.

I have been using zone 2 of this background which is the one of a few close enough to a medieval town square I could find as others may have modern accessories such as electric streetlamps etc.

It would be cool to see more of these things from Episode since I’ve read so many modern day stories which are all great but I love stories set in the Medieval times and it would allow people to have a more open choice of what kind of story they want to write and/or read. x


I recommend @lanafrazer_episode. She’s great at making fantasy backgrounds, but she might not be on at the moment.

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I will try, thank you!

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Yes I am on. Working on some backgrounds.

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I Found this is my files hope u like itDONT%20MIND%20ME%20NANNNAN


woah, nice village background.

Thanks I found it in my files :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing thank you so much! Is it free to use or do I need permission from someone? x

nah free to use my friend made it and she said its a public thing and she said I had to let ppl have permission so yeah u have permission

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but I did help with the editing

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It’s perfect! Great work, thank you so much! xx


Im writing a story wondering if ud like to be a oc u seem like someone who would (no offence)

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Of course! Why would I be offended by that? Haha

Hey can i also use this background.