BACKGROUND: More train stuff


I’d love to see some more train backgrounds. E.G Dining cars, rooms, decks, etc


bumping :3


Another Oldie



Someone’s gotta keep the oldies alive, right?


yes, exactly lel




support! Really need this stuff for my story right now. If any one knows where I can find stuff like this, please let me know :slight_smile:


Me too! :tulip:

When I imagine scenes in my head dealing with Superheroes, a lot of the action packed fights take place in trains so it would be so cool if we had these backgrounds :wink:

Seriously, we need them :heart_eyes:


~ bump ~

I love trains and such


trains please :clap:


I ended up making a train overlay because we haven’t got any. Do you need one?


Can I use it?


Sure! It’s more of a monorail but it works really well :slight_smile:

One has light’s on and the other doesn’t :wink:


thank you!