BACKGROUND: MRI examination room


Hi everyone,

I’m planning to write a scene in my story where the main character requires to pass an MRI exam (the results will serve the story plot). With another available hospital backgrounds offered, I think this could be a nice addition to the collection.

With this background, I want to immerse the reader in that specific moment, where the character is anxious about doing the MRI exam, entering the scanner and so on.

It would be great if this idea is supported.

Thank you very much!


If you still need one @QueenMilii is the queen and might Have some or could do it. If not she’d know who to ask!

Support tho 100 percent! :100:


Awww :kissing_heart:
I’d love to help babe!


I can’t make an overlay atm but I’m sure lots of other could help! :upside_down_face:


WOW! :heart_eyes:

I’m seriously impressed! This is exactly what I need. You went over my expectation. I didn’t expect to get an answer in one day.

Thank you so much @QueenMilii ! Really appreciated :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support @Itz_Madison ! :slight_smile: