Background needed! CLOSED


I’m looking for someone to create me a background for my upcoming story, and I’d like the background to be 1 zone only!

For the background I’d want it as though I am standing where I have circled:
*credit to @mvincent.episode*

and looking into the rest of the room that isn’t circled.

Here’s what I’d like the background to look like but with the details I provided before


Can anyone help?


I think we can have one of our artists do it! It will be don in a few hours 1 day tops.


Can you send us the image without the circle?


Sure thing, here is the image:


I tried. If there is anything you’ll like me to edit on it, feel free to reply :).


If you want us to change anything let us know! Sorry it’s not one panel but she couldn’t do it that way…

If you do use this please Credit @goldepisode instagram account


@ryan/@jeremy can you please close this page