Background needed, I'll give all credits 🙂

Hello, I really need background with 1 or 2 zones. It should be a livingroom with sofa that 2 people could sit on it. Also I need TV overlay background with 1 zone that would look something like that,

And Livingroom looking something like that
It has to be a sofa and maybe few things in sofa’s background, or what you prefer more :slightly_smiling_face:
but I want the floor and the wall be the same color as TV’s, because TV is in that same livingroom. So when the characters are sitting on the sofa they’re like watching TV. And ofc TV background is overlay, so I need that white square in TV that would be png :heart: (My story is in Limelight)

I would really appreciate your help, I would give a big credit, I can teach you some advanced coding if you don’t really know some parts, or I can even code you a whole scene for your story (if you have a story ofc) :heart:
Please PM me or comment if you’re interested or you could help, ty :heart::heart::slightly_smiling_face:

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Will this work?

Or do you mean just as a background?

I mean this has to be a 1 zone background with TV. But since the white square in it is hole, that makes it be overlay. (But actually I can cut the square by myself too.) TV background has to look something like this

But the wall and floor have to match the livingroom background’s floor and wall. So I need not just TV background/overlay but a livingroom background that would match the TV also :slightly_smiling_face: and as I said I will credit the background maker and help with coding, code a scene or something else :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

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I can try to do it later to ight if you’d like. :relieved:

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Ty, that would be great! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

sorry my two month old has been super rotten today lol, workin on it now!

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