Background needed please and thank you


I need a background you can use one Episode has a change it up or make one. But I need it to be for a girl who likes blue and green. She loves music and to drawl. She is a very down to earth kind of girl. Leave you IG or let me know what you use to credit you with also if you make it for me. :slight_smile:


@ChayChay my lovely wify might be able to help you.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Awe… babe… of course I would love to help… thanks for suggesting me baby.


Thank you for being able to help :slight_smile:


No problem… so any characters on it or just the colors and drawing and music? Or is it like a girls bedroom?


Drawing and music also with the color’s. You can mix the color’s in how ever. :slight_smile:


Oh if can 2 to 3 zones.


Okay I think I understand… lol I was confused for a moment… I will get to working on it as soon as I make this character for my RP… lol


That’s fine. Sorry sometimes I can make things a little confusing lol. But tack your time, finish what you’re doing. :slight_smile: No rush.


Awesome… thanks… I love doing the this…


You’re welcome and thank you, I tried making my own but most didn’t come out so great.


Well hopefully I can do a great job for ya… lol


You normally do amazing work love❣️


Awe… baby your making me blush…


@ChayChay hello hope your having a great day. :slight_smile: No rush, just checking in, :blue_heart:


It’s coming along. Lol working on it later some more. It will be done tomorrow definitely


That is fine. :slight_smile: Understand it tacks time to do these things.


Yes. Then I have two kids to take care of as well. lol thanks for understanding…


No problem I got two kids also so fully understand.