Background needed please


Hi y’all, hope you all are well, I need someone who can help me with creating backgrounds for my story will really appreciate it, please message me if you can help, will give detials in message thanks :slight_smile:


go here


Hi i did check there but didn’t find what i was looking for even checked a lot of accounts who makes backgrounds and google nothing match what I’m looking for :frowning: but thank you :slight_smile:


what exactly are you looking for?


Are u on instagram bc I can suggest you a few people that probably have what u are looking for


Hi yes got instagram @cath_n.episode


I’m looking for fantasy magical backgrounds interior and exterior backgrounds


You can always request by Kyralynn’s thread!


Kyralynn’s thread :thinking: can you add a link for me please :blush:


Here you go! :blush:


Thank you so much :blush:


No problem :smile: