Background Needed Please!

Hi, is there anyone who has the Bedroom Desk OL background in a night version that I can use as I’m not great at editing and there isn’t currently one on Episode, thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have one where the window’s are dark and not so much the room, this is a little darker that I though is all?

Making you one. It will be ready in few minutes. :slight_smile:

Here’s one. I hope it is okay.


This is brilliant, thank you :slight_smile: Do I credit you with the name @Ni_shee or is there another name you’d rather me credit you by?

I am glad you liked it. You can credit me with my instagram account @ni.episode :slight_smile:

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Okay thanks, the story its going into won’t be uploaded for a little while as I want to finish one of my active stories before I publish this new one :slight_smile:

Glad you got your background! Closing thread :slight_smile: