Background Needed Please :(!

Hi guys !! So I’ve been looking everywhere for a cabin background that has a lot of snow in front of it. So can anyone make a “Snowed In Cabin” background for me please :pleading_face: ? I can also take like a big piled snow overlay as backup lol.

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That can be back up as well !! :blob_hearts: But, I was looking for snowed in cabins like this:


But more episode background like lol :sob:

would it work if I edited snow on this background?

Yes !! :relaxed:

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ok I’ll start

it should be done some time today

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Thank you so much !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And can you make sure is a night background too ? If not that’s fine lol :sob:

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hey I as I was making the bg I came across these if you wanted these instead lol



both of these are by @Mouse.Episode so make sure to credit her :heart:

the poor overlays I made for this :sob:


Thank you so much girlie !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blob_hearts:


yeah anytime :kissing_heart:


I literally haven’t logged in for months but this notification made me feel so appreciated like- I actually exist and the things I make are just in circulation and real people actually use them. :pleading_face: :yellow_heart:

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Aww ur welcome :sob:
Your comment just made my heart melt :heart:

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