Background Not Approved?

I’m trying to do a text message exchange between two characters and am using this link on text messages to portray it. I use fake to to the backgrounds and I’ve submitted backgrounds made from the same website before and they got approved. But this time I’ve had rejection notifications saying that it: “Contains copyrights or works of authorship of other parties (including excerpts or passages taken from literary works or television or film)”.

Can someone explain why these backgrounds got rejected and my previous one should didn’t? I’m using a popular website to make fake text messages and I’ve both had accepted backgrounds of the same type accepted before but I’ve seen tons of other people using them too.

I can’t see what’s apparently copyrighted and the background itself is pretty innocuous.

You can’t have the bluetooth symbol included.


Wow, that’s all? :no_mouth:

Thanks for letting me know!!

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or you could just use this