Background not showing while in review

So this is the first time I uploaded a background to Episode’s Art Catalog and I have this problem:

I uploaded the background, and it said:

Especially: “You can start using this image immediately.”
But when I use it in my episode story, the background just doesn’t show up (like it just wasn’t in my code). Also, it gives me an error:
But in the error, it still says that I “can read and share this story”.

Is it supposed to be like that or am I missing something?

Try saving your script and then refreshing it. Once you’re done try previewing and it should be there.

I would save what you have then try refreshing the page / tab . See if it works then .

Ok, so I did what you said, but also just exited out of my web browser and went back in. It now shows up correctly! Tysm!
Also, I had this issue before, but refreshing didn’t work, I don’t know why. But now everything is fine like I said!


Glad to hear! Have fun coding :blush:

This may be a little off-topic, but I need that luck! :sweat_smile:
I recently joined episode and a few days ago just started writing my first story.
Ty again, you have a great time too! :wink:

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