Background not working - black screen

I’ve used the exact background name of the background I created - INT.INSIDE_LIFT

and when I preview that part, it is just a black screen. I’ve reset, refreshed etc still black.

Any help will be appreciated.




Maybe you forgot to use zoom reset before

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Perhaps you spelt it wrong?

Oh, I think there is a space after the INT.

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When I named my own background I didn’t put a space, so I copied it exactly as I named it. Thanks anyway.

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Just done this, still black screen. Maybe it is a glitch?

Oh, idk…I’m not quite sure then

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Hey! Maybe you have to reset your background back to zone 1. Btw, how many zones does your custom background has? And were there any error notif by the side bar when you added this to your script?

No error messages, only one zone. Reset background? how is that put @reset

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No… its

INT. (Your background name)
@cut to zone 1 AND zoom reset

Try this and see if this works.

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OMG! thank you, it has worked. I didn’t put the @cut to zone 1.

Thank you.

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Glad this helps. :blush:
Make this as a habit by adding @cut to zone … for every background used to prevent black screen.

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