Background not working with overlay!

I’ve been working on this for hours now and I’m having no luck. I normally don’t have this much trouble trying to figure things out lol but this is driving me nuts!
The background isn’t showing up at all but the TV overlay is.
I was reading past forum posts and people were saying sometimes if things aren’t approved that they won’t show up. But this is an episode background! Even when I take the overlay away the background still doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong? Please help. :woman_facepalming:

In your script, you have “scales to scales to” and I think that might be blocking the rest of the scene

I didn’t even notice that! Oh my gosh if this fixes it I’ll be so happy and upset at the same time lol

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Now the speech text pops up for the newscaster but inside the overlay it’s still black.

@LaurelleE27 Do you have any idea?

I refreshed and it’s working now. Nevermind. :slight_smile:

I refreshed and it’s fine now! Thank you for pointing out my mistake. <3

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@LaurelleE27 It’s doing it again :frowning: so if you have any idea I would love the help.

If you try it without the overlay, does it work?

Have you previewed it on the app?

Maybe the Overlay isn’t transparent?