Background or Second characters for my story

Just got one made by @IMAGINARY_THOUGHTS but thank you!

Screenshot (623)


Here r my character details


Sorry they ent on a proper character card
Skin- Copper 2
Face- diamond
Hair- Updo pony wavy long darkest brown
Brows- Arched natural scar jet black
Eyes- monolid slender black
Nose- Round button upturned
Lips- full heart pouty natural
Cloths anything black and badass​:smirk::joy:

And here is my personality
-I am a loud person who try’s to make everyone laugh and I am ver supportive over my friends and I am protective of people I love. Despite all of my happy personality I get angry very easily and would never back down to a fight. I also get distracted easily and loose concentration. As much as I am get angry I still tell someone if they are in the wrong for example bully’s.
My name is Tara

I hope this helps you with my character personality and let me know if u need anything else😊

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Thankss, I will let you know when I publish the story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oki ty


Do you still need characters?