Background overlay - HELP NEEDED ASAP!

Hey guys so this background :


Tells me that it has an overlay because of the OL right?

But why have I spend the last 5 minutes looking for it in my script and cannot find it? :thinking:

It should already be there, if you place a character on the screen you will see :slight_smile:

I have placed a character but it’s not clear where the overlay is and it looks like a normal background

You need to put your character at a lower layer than your overlay is. I’m not sure what the default layer for overlays is, but I think if you put your characters on layer -1 you should be fine. Check out these topics for more information on layering and overlays :slight_smile:

I did put my character at a lower layer but it doesn’t seem to work :frowning_face:

Have you tried all the zones?


it seems like there’s no overlay in this background :woman_shrugging:t2:

That’s what I thought as well. Although it does say that it has an overlay. :thinking:

In that case, can someone make overlays of all the table and chairs in the background?

Thank you so much! If you do I WILL credit you in my story!

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I posted them here, they aren’t profesional tho, but you can use it if you want c:

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