Background/Overlay Help?


For one of my stories it takes place in a somewhat post-apocolyptic dystopian type world, and I totally love this background for the evil dudes little lair type thing if that makes sense… Anyway does someone think they can make the city in the window into a more destroyed, red-ish ashy image?

Aswell as make the desk into an overlay? Sorry if this is a lot but my editing skills are horrible.



I can do it


That’d be awesome.


Hey, do you want me to turn it into red, or do you want me to turn it in to read with this background


That background red preferabbly. :smiley:




Sorry, I took so long here it is the Windows are kind of crooked sorry about that


Oh don’t worry! I love it, it looks great.




Just curious do you think you could possibly turn the desk in the background into an overlay?




Do you want me to do it


Yeah sorry. If you could that’d be awesome!






It may look ugly, but it just shows that on the app


Thank you so much!


No problem at all :wink: