Background & Overlay Request Thread (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)


Hey, guys, you guys have been watching lots of request for backgrounds and overlays well you should come here. I can even cut out those backgrounds so it can be an overlay.
AMagic’s DRIVE!!!


Hi I need some backgrounds

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Sure what do you need

Absolutely love your backgrounds!! If it’s not trouble can I please have a backgrounds done when needed?

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You sure can give me the details

Hey, can I get an Ice Skating Background? :smile: :snowflake:

Sorry for the trouble


I can sure try what style would you like it in
Limelight, Ink, Classic

I need an Ice Skating background for my story, which is in ink :sunny: :wink:



Thanks :partying_face: :revolving_hearts:

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I totally forgot to ask, is it inside or outside

Doesn’t matter, I’m fine with either outside or inside :smile: :sparkling_heart:

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can I request an overlay?

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Your request is almost done

I can help you, I was just asleep

Thanks :heart_eyes_cat:

Can I also request for a circus background? :smile_cat:

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Yeah I can

OK then, I’d love a circus background :sunglasses:

Oh thank God! Can you pls make this overlay visible inside but you know, still has a windshield?


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