Background & Overlay Request Thread (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)


Oh thank God! Can you pls make this overlay visible inside but you know, still has a windshield?



I usually would but my phone got tooken away


Oh:((( ok tnx


Hello. I need ext christmas backgrounds. Anything would help. Parks, Streets, Hotel, Houses, School, all with snow and lights. Then int lovingrooms with christmas tree decorations. :heart_eyes: INK style :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure this is what I have so far, let me make more.


Okay, thank you! :heart:


Again, @AMagic, props to you for cropping that Christmas tree- I did but it’s so hard! :smile:




Here is this.


Nice one!


Thanks, I did it for a recent requester. So have you made any new work


Yeah, but I didn’t post for a few days on my thread I think- I’m doing more homework recently. School now, sorry. Bye!


Okay bye


It’s lovely! :slight_smile: Do you have any with parks and cabins? I want to make a weekend getaway for my story during winter but sadly episode doesn’t have anything with snow. I know we can use the snow effect but it’s really not the same. :confused:




I can make some




BTW: I just noticed there is a fortnite poster on the first store picture! That is amazing lol!!! I play fortnite so I really liked that idea haha


Thank you! :slight_smile:


No problem