Background & Overlay Request Thread (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)


yes thats great :smiley:


Do you still want me to change it like the logo


I’m about to get started on yours, I just have to finish this first, but do you want her to have that animation


yes please :slight_smile:


Sorry i dont know what you mean


which animation?


You sent me a picture, do you want her to be and that position when she’s drowning, I’m just saying that because she looks very stiff and still


no i dont


Ok, so can you send me the one you want


Here it is

Here us the overlay as well


thank you :smiley:


No problem


Let me see


I cant find the actual animation do you know what i mean like if you are making your character fall off a building and you want to make it look like they are falling


Try the find crowd surf


yeah that one wait a sec i will send it



Okay yeah


I will start on yours when I’m done with this. Don’t worry, I’m almost done with this request, 3 to 2 minutes