Background & Overlay Request Thread (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)


So the one drawn in red I make that transparent


Nope, the upper bubbles, of the red area should be transparent, not all the are and not all the bubbles.
But, seriously, THANK YOU!


Sorry I took so long



It’s okay, Actually we think this was really fast!
And we are concerned you are the daughter of Flash, for sure! Thank you so very much! We really appreciate what you’re doing for us!:heart_eyes::heart::wink:


I wish :rofl:, P. S no problem


Can you make this into an overlay too please and put an gun in his hand if possible?


And the blanket from this picture






Here i s the first one







I’m sorry I took long.


its ok Thank you!


I’m so sorry I freaking forgot I had your back ground days ago, it was on my phone, but I forgot furious, I know it’s terrible but I tried.


These are amazing.
I would like a patio restaurant please and the over lay of a table to put over the chairs to make it look like they are sitting there please.


I love it :heart_eyes: :snowflake:
Thank you very much, I appreciate this so, so, so, so, sooooo much !!! :sparkling_heart:


Sorry, my phone got tooken away again, also, what are the details so I can get started right away


i need a 2 bed girl dorm background with night/day!!


Sure, I can give it to you, when do you need it, can you give me some details.

Like would you like interior and exterior?