Background/Overlay Request Thread

Should i credit using name or insta?

Anything is fine. You can credit me however you want to

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Then using name
Thnx again

Can i request a background
Under the palm trees

And 2 of these shoes beside the tub

2 panel

Hi! I’m almost done with your background. I just need to know how many panels you want it to be? Thanks :smile:

Sorry, panels?

You know how you can pan to other zones, depending on how many panels the background has? So If the background has 3 panels for example, there are 3 zones.

Oh ok 3 please

Hiya, I’d like to request a background of a picture frame but with one half of it ripped and i’d like three of these if that is possible, one half with the female holding a blue baby prop in a park, One with the male holding a pink baby prop in a park and then one where the two halves are put together in the picture frame if that makes sense and I would also love it if you can make the filter for all of the photos be black and white. Thank you