I would like to have some help x

sweet! you can go on my profile and leave the details under this topic Splashes and split screens [open]

What details are you asking for x

what images you want to use in the split screen

you mean characters or do i have to choose two backgrounds?

they mean two backgrounds i believe :heart:

those two maybe
It has to fit in other stories to so i have taken something regular, but the one you can download from the internet there is one part the sea and i think i can’t use that one verry often.

thanks xxx

i hope u like it :slight_smile:

oh thank you it is really beautiful, 100 times thank you i love it xxx

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yw :two_hearts:

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i merged both of the backgrounds after i cropped them

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Do you guys edit backgrounds?

Yes, I agree!

Wouldn’t it be great if Episode allowed us to combine backgrounds to make a phone call?

For example, we could select two backgrounds and they would automatically be split into two sides of the screen with a line dividing them-so you could have one person calling in one place and the other one at another, different place :smile: :blue_heart:

It would honestly be so great if Episode allowed us to select how many people are calling, so if there are 2 characters selected, we can choose 2 backgrounds for them (of course we can include background characters, too, in these scenes and having the option for a three way call with three people and three BGs selected would be so awesome)

It would make it so much easier instead of having to request backgrounds with split screens being made ^^

I hope what I’m saying makes sense and doesn’t come across as gibberish…:alien:

Good day :gift::yellow_heart:

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Bump : )

If you are looking to do that with an overlay . . . have your normal background and one character on either the right or left side of that background. Take another background and upload it to your overlays. Now that you have the other background as an overlay make it move onto the side oposite to the character on the acual background (not overlay one) so if your character (on the acual background) is on the left move the overlay background in from the right untill it is settled on only the right half. Add your second character ontop of the overlay background via layers. then continue your story as you please. Hope this helped!

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Hey can I have an overlay

search desk in overlays

i’m sorry , but do you happen to have any split phone screen overlays for me ?

Most of us are using the overlay option to create these. Just create a png from the background you like and slide it and the character into position. I still support having some ready made options to choose from though!