Background packs!

Hey guys! I’m Kyra, you’ve probably seen me around the forums. Recently I’ve started making backgrounds. I have a request thread so if you want you can check that out.

A lot of people would like me to open up a google drive to share the backgrounds and overlays I have made. I have started working on it but I’m not sure what type of background packs you guys want to use in your stories. I have started a carnival/circus pack which is perfect for dates. I have also brainstormed ideas for background packs below.

(See below for more info on each individual pack)

  • ~Pier/beach pack
  • ~Pirate pack
  • ~Mermaid/underwater city pack
  • ~House pack
  • ~Abandoned/haunted house pack
  • ~Eatery pack
  • ~Funeral/Cemetery pack
  • ~Music festival pack
  • ~Ski lodge/slopes pack
  • ~Kingdom/castle pack
  • ~Fairy/elven pack
  • ~None of the above

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-Pier/beach would include a pier & a beach scene (of course) But I’m also thinking of including a beach volleyball background and a restaurant on the beach.

-Pirate pack would include multiple ships, sea backgrounds, islands, loot, and the interior of the ship (below deck, captain quarters, etc.)

-Mermaid/underwater city pack would include a sunken ship, with some backgrounds of an underwater city. Something visually similar to Atlantis.

-House pack would include all the rooms in a house. Exterior house background, maybe a porch or balcony, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, laundry room, bedrooms, and possibly a closet as well.

-Abandoned/haunted house pack would include backgrounds of abandoned and haunted houses. Not sure what else I can say. Haha

-Kingdom/castle pack would include exterior views of the castle, different throne rooms, bedrooms, gardens, etc.

-Eatery pack would include restaurants of all types. From fast food to high end meals. Diners, bars, etc.

-Funeral/Cemetery pack would include backgrounds of a funeral home, and cemetery grounds.

-Musical festival pack would include backgrounds of multiple stages, the entrance, beer garden, etc. Think coachella!

-Ski lodge/Slopes pack would include backgrounds of a ski resort. The lobby, commons room, hallways, and hotel room. I also might attempt making a ski lift and a hot tub background.

-Fairy/elven pack would include small houses and multiple fantasy forest backgrounds.

If you have any other ideas for packs, please comment down below. I would love to hear your suggestions


If your looking for more suggestions then maybe you could add an aquarium pack as well? Or even a space pack with different planet landscapes?


I need that circus/carnival one. I’m so happy that’s what you’re starting with. You have no idea how long I’ve been struggling to find backgrounds like that

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely think about it!

Yay! So far I’ve completed the entrance, the Ferris wheel, and the close up of the carousel. I’m working on the booths next!

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Omg I am so going to love you forever!

I will marry you if there happens to be a better looking fortune teller tent exterior than the one episode gives us… hint hint


@amberose PM the details and I’ll see if I can make it happen :))

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:flushed: Who? Me?


I love this thread so much! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to make these awesome packs (or at least consider making them), you’re a very hard worker. We all appreciate you!

Just a friendly stranger in the comment section :wink:


Aw thank you so much for the kind words. It truly means a lot :purple_heart:


Girl, I can’t wait to see this, you truly do give back to the community :smile::heart:


A lot of work ahead of you, but I love the ideas you came up with!


Thank you!! I just hope people use the backgrounds I make :grimacing:

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Thank you so much for your support!! It means so much :blue_heart:


you could do a school background pack, a museum pack, a department store pack, and an apartment building/hotel pack. (I’m just giving suggestions… you don’t have to do any of them… I’m just thinking of things that I think would be cool.)


You could do a casino pack, pool pack, abandoned places pack.

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Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll definitely keep them in mind :blue_heart:

Oooh! I might just do those. I’ll keep it in mind. :blue_heart:

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I cant wait!!

So I don’t quite get where we are supposed to find these backgrounds if they are out or once they are out?