Background : Party hall


There’s a scene where there’s a staff party.
I’m trying to look for a decent relatable background of a hall that would suit my concept.

Any suggestions or anyone who can make one for me?

(Would be really nice if you can add tables and chairs.)

Also, the fashion gala background is perfect for me except that it has those mannequins standing in the side which I don’t want.

(Fashion gala background is just a reference or idea on how I want my background)


I have something like this? It was for a wedding though lol so I’m not sure if the decorations work. I can remove the archway if that works for you though.



Thank you :heart:


Link to full size versions

Goto backgrounds -> parties and events.
The non-archway version will be up in like two minutes :slight_smile:
Edit: It’s up :slight_smile: