Background problem 🙃

So, I was looking for a car interior background for my upcoming story. Then I found one but I think that one was from Pinterest and I know we can’t use images from Pinterest but I found same image but edited which looks like a little different. I have screenshots of both images but I’m not sure if I am allowed to use this type of images which is from Pinterest but edited…

Image from Pinterest

Edited version

Sorry I don’t know who own this oneone or whom to credit.

So can anyone please tell me if we’re allowed to use this type of edited backgrounds or not??

I’d say to stick to backgrounds made by people in the community that you know allow other authors to use their backgrounds and/or your own backgrounds and/or free backgrounds from image websites like Pixabay etc.

If that image was from Pinterest, it’s unlikely you’ll find who the original creator of it was to get their permission to use it and just because someone else had made an edited version of it, that doesn’t mean it’s legally available for use by anyone. They may have just plucked it and edited it without permission and if you use it (whether or not you find and credit the person who edited it), you’d be using it without the original creator’s permission.


Ummm okay… Thank you for telling me :relaxed::relaxed:

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No problem!

This background is similar to something @natalia.episode on Instagram has you can use hers if you still want something like that

Link here

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Thank you for this link :hugs::hugs:

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hi i use pinterest photos and it goes through preview and it gets accepted
pinterest photos are copyright free i think cos it works for me

You really shouldn’t be using them. Just because they go through, doesn’t mean they’re copyright free. There’s a little box you have to tick before submitting a background:

That means you’ll be held responsible if it turns out those images aren’t free to use, and pinterest is not a good place to get backgrounds from.
Try using- or


then y doesnt episode decline the photos

Because you’ve ticked the box, confirming you can use the background, and if you can’t it will be legally your fault. I’m not sure how episode approve the backgrounds, but a lot can get through that’s copyrighted, like pinterest images.
Again, just because they aren’t declined, doesn’t mean they are free to use.


The thing is episode has no way of knowing the plethora of images submitted to them are copyright free or not. It’s simply up to us to make sure that we have valid permission to use them.


Like @/Ebx and @/tazepisode said getting accepted doesn’t mean copyright free. Some images from Pinterest might be copyright free might be not but you never know that. If the owner found that you have use their images without their permission it might cause trouble. So it’s better to avoid images from Pinterest and use copyright free images… If you need you can find copyright free images in unsplash, pixabay, pexels etc.

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