Background problem!

All of my backgrounds are approved but for some reason it keeps telling me one of them is not when I use it in my story! But I put a different one there and it work’s! But I really want to use the other one!

Could I please see a screenshot?

Maybe you misspelled it?
And try saving your story also :ok_hand:

I just copied and past it in there because I though the same think @Alexx.lapakka but it still didn’t work I even exited the hole thing and want back and tried again!

@AnonymousAuthor1 yes give me a second :slight_smile:

I want back to try it to show you both what it was doing but it’s working now. It dose stuff like that to me all the time! :joy:

:joy: that’s good that its working again :blush:

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I know I don’t know why but it just don’t want to work for me today and I really want to get Chapter 3 out so I can publish it been working 2 weeks on it and I’m ready!

That’s cool :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck !!! :smile:

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