Background problems (pls help)

hi, im trying to continue my next chapter but for some reason, the writer portal keeps telling me the background doesn’t exist even though its been approved?

anyone else has this problem

I have never had a problem like this… Have you spelled it correctly?

Maybe try to send in a support ticket :sweat_smile:

i copy and paste them from the background area so I know i won’t misspell them

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check to see if the coding for your characters are off. That happens to me when I get that message

Can you maybe send a screenshot of the script? :sweat_smile:


@ARTHIT is spot 1.280 170 89 AND ARTHIT is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

this is my script at where they say its wrong . ive tried @ARTHIT but it says its wrong too

take out the “is” after @ARTHIT. You also need to add "in zone (number)

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thank you sm, i forget the correct words for spot directing sometimes >< i thoght it was an issue with my backgrounds

it always happens to me :grinning:

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