Background questions!

Sorry if I’m posting in then wrong category but I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it so ya!

So I’ve uploaded my cover art and background thru episode a few days ago, and I’ve asked many other people how fast their backgrounds have been approved. They said around 1 or 2 days.

However, I’ve uploaded my background about 4 to 5 days ago and it still says it’s pending for review. Does that mean that I might have used a copyright photo, or it’s too unoriginal? I’ve worked hard on my cover art and I hope they don’t reject it. Is it normal for it to take this long to be approved?

My previous background got approved in less than 2 days! Plz help! Thanks!


No, of course not! Episode gets a hell lot of background approval requests everyday, not to mention overlays and covers. My background took 2 weeks to get approved, and in the first 2 weeks, I was really annoyed so I sent a support ticket. Sending it speeds it up, as they will be aware of this. Afterwards, it was approved in 2 days. So honestly, it’s not about copyright or not- they just have a lot and they can’t guarentee the same amount of time for everyone.


ok thank u! I was rlly worried!

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Answered and closed. For future reference, please conduct a search of the forum before creating a topic like this, as this question has been answered multiple times already. Thanks :slight_smile: