Background Request Edits & My Fantasy Backgrounds *CLOSED*


Hey guys! It’s finally the weekend. I am now available for background edits and of course I am still working on my fantasy backgrounds.

People who messaged me for background edits, please comment so I can remember who you are and what you have requested.


Can you change the color of a fantasy background I’ve found? It’s okay if you can’t.


Send it, let me see it.


I kind of want it to be blueish but like a dark blue so it still gives off an eerie feeling of that makes sense.:sweat_smile:


Hm, alright, ill try.


Thanks! Just tell me if you can’t and I’ll understand.


Like this?


Yes! That’s perfect! Thanks so much!!! How do I credit you?


U can tag me in your story, and follow me on instagram. so when im not on forums u can message me if u need to.



I’ll definitely tag you in my story! I don’t have an Insta though. But thanks again for making this for me! or at least editing.


np. let me know if u need anything else!


may i have a background


@Sydney_H close plz.



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: