Background Request for boys dorm room!

Hey guys! so for my story, I need a males dorm room background night/day edits.
Similar to INT. BRISTOLS DORM ROOM but just more boyish if that makes sense.
For colors/ decoration, I’m going to break down exactly what I want…

On the left side (Where the twin bed is) I’d like for the colors of the bed sheets to be blue and the pillows to be plain white- as for decoration for that side, I’d like posters of sports/ bands to be hung around.

Now for the right side, where the bunk bed is, I’d like the color for the bed to be green striped if possible- but also plain green is fine. For decoration in that area, I’d like action figures on shelves/ in that area.

As for curtains, I don’t want any.


Thank you to anyone who reaches out/ fufills my request <3 you are much appreciated!

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@ChayChaydid amazing on a background I needed. She may be able to help you out also. :blush:



I can get to it later today if that’s okay… tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you didn’t even see that I didn’t hit the space bar.

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That would be amazing <3

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Also if you have any questions for anything feel free to reach out.

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I sure will. I think I understand though… lol

I am done now!!! :grin:

The daytime one didn’t load rig right now my phone is acting up. I’ll send it asap

Thank you, I love it. send the day version when your able to!

I will. I’m so mad my phone started messing up.

Things happen, it’s ok! Again thank you<3

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