Background request for house with porch at night

If anybody has a background of such, please let me know.


Will this work? I found it on Pixabay and Ik it’s not night but someone can make it into night


There’s an overlay in the episode catalogue that would turn this background into night.

There is? Never knew that till now but i do know that there’s a flitter

Yes. It’s called “EFFECT DIM 60”. And honestly I think it’s better to take day backgrounds and use this overlay because it looks weird when it’s night and your character is super bright.

Oh, I’ll have to try it out. Thanks


I’m actually looking for a background where the porch is more up close, and where there’s furniture the characters can sit on.

Oh sorry

This isn’t quite what I was looking for. I want the porch to be more up close and to have furniture where the characters can sit.

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