Background request from scratch

So I’m really in need of a background from scratch. I attempted to try and make it myself since the image I have of these backgrounds are quite unique/complicated.

But I got absolutely NOWHERE, I’m a bit worried since it’s a background from scratch, and it’s probably going to take ages and be super difficult.

But anyone willing to put up with my request lol pleaseee help me out thankss.

I might be able to help… I’m not sure though. I’ve only Made 1 from scratch so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to help, but If you Can tell me What you need I’ll try to help

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So the first background I want is pretty simple, just a shooting range with a few targets at least 2 panels.
The second background I want is the exterior of a dome like building, like those multi sports facilities on grass. Only one panel.
The third, fourth and fifth backgrounds are a bit hard to describe, I’d rather send a picture of my super bad sketches lol.

Sorry the backgrounds are demanding and quite a lot, if you choose to opt out I understand.

Thank you for replying, and sorry I’m late.

Ooooookay what about this? I couldn’t make it drawn cuz my Ipad is broken And I Can use only my phone. I know it’s not really good cuz it’s not quite simple.
Also, do you have Instagram?
The 2nd One I won’t be able to make… I’m sorry… it seems too hard for me. I’m not a professional artist and I can’t do very complicated things.
And Can you send me those pictures now?

Thanks for trying though😭. I do have Instagram it’s ess.writes I’m not with my sketches right now but when I get to them I’ll send a picture. My backgrounds probably need to be done from scratch as I couldn’t even find a starting background to even start editing them, but thank you anyways I really appreciate it. Also sorry for the late reply.

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