Background request's (NEED ASAP)

Hi guys! I need your help with something important.

I need a bar background with 4 different parts. Not just any. Here’s the description:

It’s called “Fishnets & Bass”. It’s a seafood grill/bar/stripper joint.

Part 1 (Exterior of bar)
Their logo is the head of a bass, with two long legs covered in fishnets beside the head. It’s supposed to look sexy, but is very weird. It’s a brick building with windows that look dirty, and it’s in the slums of New York. Include some sidewalk and lamps, and keep in mind that it’s a dangerous neighborhood with drug users and whatnot.

Part 2: (Interior of bar)
Stripper poles, tables, everything you can think of. Just make it look sleazy as hell, with ashtrays, damaged decor, and glowing signs that say what’s on sale and kareoke and stuff.

Part 3:
This is a little different. A back room with 10 beds. Make it so that it’s easy to make a character sleep on it. No windows, just overall depressing.

Part 4:
A seperate rooming area. It’s like a meeting room, but it has a small stage. It’s cold dark red colors,

If you feel that this needs overlays, please include some.

I’m really desperate. This story can’t be published because these bckgrounds are important to the plot.

I’ll give you an original character, and I will credit you.

Please help :slight_smile:

Okay, I would recommend filling out a form request at @epi_.jel on instagram and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can x

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I don’t know how to make this stuff lol. But I’d greatly appreciate it if you did this :slight_smile:

I sent my request :slight_smile: Please try to get back to me as soon as you can.

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This is a rough idea of what I want to go with, The legs are tilted upward, and the bass head is like a substitute of the upper body.

Plz try to write this in the logo in glowing pink swirled letters:
“Fishnets & Bass”



Awesome! Can you make the background that goes with the logo as well?

We have currently got people working on your request :slight_smile:

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The background is finished and posted on our account. Hope you like it!

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